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A Dream Come True, FREE SHOPPING for 30 minutes in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to go shopping for FREE? You Do, For sure! That's like a dream come true to everyone. What will you hoard if ever? Comment us your thoughts below. 

Shopping Center in Saudi Arabia Declared everything for free for 30 minutes.

Women went to clothes this way:

Men are fighting for some electronics and have been resolved by the police, but it is also snatch to the police by some costumer that walked fast to get out to the scene.

Here's the full video including men and women in this event. There's TV, Laptops, Clothes, Cellphone and some tug of war scene. 

If i'm here, i'll definitely go to GOLD SHOP! 5mins to Gold shop would be their 30mins worth of shopping. 

Top comments in Facebook:

By Ify Egbunike: "Why did the women go after clothes? is not like anybody would see it underneath that burka or whatever they call thing they wear. should have went for the electronics like the men."
-- this make sense though. hmmm.

By Martins Chimga Kingsley: "recently king salman of saudi Arabia splash gift worth 1.2 Billion dollars on American president trump may be he's trying to extend same gesture to his people...he's kind hearted man one thing about muslims i love so much aside negative stories poping up daily about this wonderful religion trust me there are faithful & peaceful ones who show what the religion really stand for...peace be onto saudis"
--  WOW! 1.2 Billion Dollars?!
By Jhem Cueto: "i'll rather go at gadgets .. Iphones / tablets / earpods / mini speakers and others...30 mins is too much for me.. maybe 5mins is enough and can filled my backpacks and plastic bags"
-- same here! 
By Olaide Shakirat Faniyi: "Oh goodness, they were not even looking at what they were picking lol"
-- maybe that's what they called, shopping rush effect.