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Meet the new lead stars of School 2017

The cast for School 2017 lead roles are both k-pop idol,




They are Gugudan's Kim Se Jung and SF9 Rowoon.

Today, The production team finally confirmed that Gugudan's Kim Se Jung will play the female lead role for School 2017, a role initially offered to actress Kim Yoo Jung playing opposite to Se Jung is a fellow k-pop idol Rowoon from the rookie group SF9.

Staff of the drama says that Se Jung perfectly fits the character Ra Eun Ho the protagonist of the story, a student with bad grades but dreams of being a webtoon artist. "Kim Se Jung's unique leadership and bright personality match well with Ra Eun Ho's character. The more we met her, the more we felt like we were seeing Ra Eun Ho in real life. We're looking forward to her energy and acting potential coming out on 'School 2017'."

Kim Se Jung right now is one of the most loved and in demand female idol in Korea and we're sure many of her fans right now are excited to see her debuting as an actress. On the other hand, Se Jung leading man may be a rookie idol but he's no rookie when it comes to acting, SF9 Rowoon got a first hand in acting through the web-drama "Click your heart" where he received positive feedback. According to staffs Rowoon has a great sense of desire for acting and they believe that he will perform well.

The last two installment School 2013 and School 2015 were both big hit and successful. Many people are hoping that this year's installment will also be a great one. School 2017 is targeting to air on July.

Are you excited for School 2017?