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5 Things that will Happen to your Body if you Stop Drinking Coffee

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Drinking Coffee give us advantages like alertness, focus, boost in energy etc.
But did you also know that there's a consequence when you stop drinking coffee?

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1. Headache
They can range from mild to severe headache, but not everyone will experience this unless you drink 500mg of caffeine everyday or about 5 cups of coffee.

2. Poor Concentration
You will lose the focus that coffee gives you.

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3. Anxiety, Depression or Irritability
 Because you're withdrawing your favorite coffee, It gives you less patience to deal with people.

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4. Constipation
Coffee stimulates bowel movement, so when you experience constipation try eating plenty of fiber, drinking lots of water and exercise regularly.

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5. Insomia
Coffee gives you alertness that might change your sleeping pattern, that when you stop drinking coffee, your body might not adapt immediately.

Do you wanna still stop drinking coffee?
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