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Cute boy who nailed wearing Tattered Jeans

Photography by: Kerbs Balagtas

There are some people who failed to match tattered/ripped jeans with their shirts. They are some may end up looking like they just got out of the war or just got a fight with Catwoman. Luckily, we found a cute boy who nailed wearing tattered/ripped jeans.He is Nhiko Sabiniano, a former contestant of Pinoy Boy Band, who claims that tattered/ripped jeans never go out of style.

This cute boy is no doubt an eye candy for all the girls out there. Here are some facts about Nhiko:
  • Baseball and Basketball Player
  • The youngest among his siblings
  • Singer, Model and an Actor
  • Big Fan of Justin Bieber
So we asked Nhiko why he loves wearing tattered/ Ripped jeans."Well, I love tattered jeans 'cos they let me express my artistic and daring side through showing that I can pull off whatever look, may it be clean or rugged." Nhiko quoted.

In line with such, here is Nhiko's tips on how you will partner tattered/ripped Jeans with your shirts; 

"When you're wearing tattered jeans wear a simpler top..."

"perhaps a plain [colored] shirt, or a statement shirt then match it with a sweater or a jacket. But always remember that it's best to wear neutral colors." Nhiko added

Styled by:  Xavier Alfonso

Can't get enough of Nhiko's Fashion? Just tap the social media platforms below.

Twitter: @nhikosabs