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Netizens react to a photo of a college student drinking beer inside a jeepney

We have all seen a lot of good and worse experiences in our youths today. A saying from our pambansang bayani Dr. Jose Rizal "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" should embody by every kid in this generation. But what if you encounter someone in a uniform showing this kind of attitude?

Here is a viral photo of a college student posted by a Facebook page named Gala-juan with a caption "NAG-AARAL PERO HINDI EDUKADO, NASA UNIVERSITY PERO WALANG MANNERS"

A girl named Shara Lyn defended her friend in the comments section.

Are we wrong to judge someone who is under circumstances and think first about the situation is he going through? Or is the kid wrong showing this kind of character to the public?

Netizens can't help but shout out their comments about this kid. Read below:

If you are the kid in the situation, is it right to front this in the public especially in a public transportation vehicle?