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Youtuber/Vlogger Wil Dasovich diagnosed with Cancer


Before entering PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) House, Wil Dasovoch was already making his travel Vlogs in Youtube. After the said reality show, Wil became well-known outside Youtube. 

In his most recent Vlog, Wil revealed that he is diagnosed with Cancer.

In his Vlog's description, Wil said, "After months of internal bleeding and frequent visits to the hospital, the mystery is finally over. The doctor called with the diagnosis on my condition. After hearing the news i could not help but reflect on everything that I have experienced in the last 25 years and how i got to this point in my life."  Prior to his recent vlog, Wil uploaded a video that he passed out and he was confined in the Hospital.

In line with such, his recent vlog is one of the most heart breaking videos in Youtube. He has 585,000 subscribers that will surely cry for him. 

Here's the Video: