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10 Expensive Dogs only rich people can afford

Widely regarded as man's best friend. Dogs hold a special place in many people's heart.

It can seem impossible to put a price on those happy, wagging tails, those cute little paws, and those wet little noses. However, for people who don't want to settle for less than the perfect pooch, you'd better be prepared to part with no small amount of cash.

Here are the 10 expensive dog breed in the world.

10) Saluki


A long time ago, they were the pets of Egyptian Pharoah. Saluki pup cost $2,500 (PHP 125,000)

9) Peruvian Inca Orchid


One of the hairless dog breeds. Believed that their urine and feces held healing powers. Super friendly and affectionate to its family. Worth $3,000 (PHP 150,000)

8) Azawakh


Originate in West Africa. Their light, unique gait is a breed characteristic that truly makes them stand out from the pack. Long walk with this dog is required. Cost $3,000 (150,000)

7) Japanese Akita


If you prefer cute and fluffy over long and lean, look no further than Akita. The famous Akita was 'Hachiko' that surely made us cry. If you want a loyal and somehow stubborn dog, you have to spend $4,500 (PHP 225,000)

6) Rottweiler


These dogs are natural guardians and are known to be protective of their families. $2,500 - $6,000 depending on the bloodline. (PHP 125,000 - PHP 300,000)

5) Tibetan Mastiff


Has a relation with Saint Bernard. They were bred to protect livestock from wolves a long time ago. Excellent guard dogs, like to keep an eye on their surroundings. It usually costs $2,000 (PHP 100,000) but you have to spend more for its grooming and vet. Also, it's hard to find a good breed Tibetan Mastiff, if you really want a fluffy one it cost $7,000 and up (PHP 350,000)

4) Samoyed


The smiling dog. Their white fur claims that it has the most delightfully soft texture. You can buy Samoyed puppies around $8,000 (PHP 400,000)

3) Lowchen


This breed of dog is so rare. You won't see this kind of dog roaming around the street. No, it's not a Shih Tzu. Lowchens are enjoying being pampered by the wealthy elite. If you want to have one, please prepare $10,000 (PHP 500,000)

2) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This little dog with a big name makes an excellent family member. Known to be friendly and affectionate to us humans. This dog can have multiple health problems, from an ear infection to heart problem. So if you want to have one, please prepare $14,000 (PHP 700,000)

1) Well-trained German Shepperd.


The normal German Shepperd cost $3,000 (PHP 150,000). Since this dog is most intelligent one. You can buy it well-trained, so you wouldn't to exert some effort training it. Well-trained German Shepperd cost $23,000 (PHP 1,150,000)

Do you agree with our list? Do you own one of these? Share us your thoughts!