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Top 10 Highest paid Filipino Youtubers

10) Donnalyn Bartolome


Donnalyn has over 230,000 subscribers. She also gains estimated monthly earnings of $500/PHP 25,000

9) Lloyd Cafe Cadena


A well-decorated youtube personality known for his comedy skits. Lloyd has over 540,000 subscribers and estimated gains $600/PHP 30,000 monthly

8) Cong TV

A comedian youtuber focusing on carefree contents and comedic skits. Cong TV has gained over 170,000 subscribers and receives approximately $729/PHP 36,000 every month

7) Janina Vela


An award-winning beauty lifestyle youtuber. Janina recently grew her subscribers to 300,000 and has an approximately monthly earnings of $745/PHP 37,000

6) Mikey Bustos


A Filipino-Canadian youtube personality known for his vlogs and nerdy stuff. Mikey has gained 400,000 subscribers for his mabuhay squad. He gains estimated monthly earnings of $807/PHP 40,000

5) Gloco

A Filipino youtuber content creator that focuses on gaming and parodies. Gloco has an over 200,000 subscribers and reportedly receives $957/PHP 48,000 monthly

4) Baninay Bautista


One of the fastest growing channels in Filipino youtube community. Baninay gained 140,000 subscribers in a span of two months. She has estimated monthly earnings of $988/PHP 49,000

3) Michelle Dy


A youtube beauty personality. Her contents are about beauty and lifestyle. Michelle has gained over 425,000 subscribers and has approximately earnings of $1,400/PHP 70,000

2) Wil Dasovich


An award-winning Filipino American youtuber known for his daily vlogs. Will already gained 500,000+ subscriber and approximately gains $2,000/PHP 100,000 monthly.

1) Ranz Kyle


His channel is all about moves and grooves together with his sister, Niana. With his 1.5 Million stronghold followers, Ranz Kyle estimatedly gains over $5,000/PHP 290,000 a month from his youtube channel.

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