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Kaye Abad in her sexy baby bump photo

Kaye Abad is so sexy with her Instagram post showing her baby bump!

Kaye said according to her Instragram "I’ve had so many roles na naging mommy ako. This time totoong baby bump na sya. Hindi na unan na may naka ikot na masking tape para walang kanto ang unan. Can’t wait to see you,"  

Kaye Abad and her husband Paul Jake Castillo can't explain how excited are they to see their baby this coming January 2018. 

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At a product launch of Paul Jake Castillo Efficascent Relaxing Oil, Kaye keeps on asking her friends in Cebu about their experiences of giving birth. Due to their excitement, the married couple almost completed their baby's things. 

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The couple also shared that they already have a shortlist of the names they might choose, Paul Jake told to announce it at the right time. "Nothing is very sure until the baby’s out." Paul Jake said.