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Reasons of Ms. Lopez!

Last November 11, the beauty queen Ms. Maria Isabel Lopez post went viral!
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After her viral post, she received many bad comments with her unlawful act. In an interview, Ms Lopez explained her side. "Marami namang nauna sa  akin, teka muna, daanan na ng daanan yung mga buses at taxis at saka yung mga motor. Kami na stuck dito , sabi ko, parang unfair ata! so tinanggal ko yung cone, tapos pumasok nako" Ms. Lopez said.


Now MMDA recommends the LTO to cancel Ms. Lopez's drivers license.
She is also facing several cases

*Disregarding traffic signs
*Violation of the anti-distracted driving act.
*Reckless Driving

"What she did was very dangerous! Any one in the ASEAN lane who isn't part of the delegation might be considered as a threat and should be neutralize" as per the authorities!