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James Reid answers live in rumors with Nadine Lustre

Last year July 2017, is when the issue of Nadine and James are living in together popped out. Many Filipinos were dismayed by Nadine's answer, "I mean, if that was true, so what? Hindi ba? It's not new anymore," she said in an inter view.

But what she said that was stuck on us was when she added, "It's normal na eh. Come on, guys, it's 2017!"

In an interview last January 19 at the TWBA, Tito Boy asked James Reid And Nadine if they are living together. Nadine said, "yung sagot namin jan will be for us na lang". Then Tito Boy added "it's 2018" and James immediately answered "exactly, i'ts 2018."
Watch the full interview below:

James recently posted a photo on Instagram with the caption:
"That face we make when haters make shit up about us and then we didn’t care and got on with our lives and went to the beach and took a selfie 😂"

What's your take on millennials living together? Let us know on the comments below!